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Nini really helped me to get on top of issues I just couldn't escape from. I had no idea where they came from, but talking it through made so much difference and I now understand myself better, which gives me the control over my darkest thoughts that I previously felt completely defeated by. Life feels so much lighter and I am enjoying things that before seemed grey and empty. Thank you, sincerely, for giving me back my joy

P.T September 2022.

Sure, I’ll write a review as you pulled me out of a dark hole and I owe you one... so here goes: Same as the others here but I’ll add this - Be truthful. Don’t lie to yourself (as you do) and don’t lie to this therapist. She can spot a deception like a wasp spots a picnic. Go along and make things right in the world.

C.P August 2020

If you're looking for a really good therapist, you've come to the right place. I learnt something new in every session with Nini, either about myself or the world and this wisdom has stayed with me. After around 4 months of sessions, I have a very different way of understanding myself and this makes life so much easier. I am no longer at the mercy of negative emotions and have high hopes for the future. This was one of the best investments I have made.

R.M. 2020

After a long time in therapy I had to reluctantly say goodbye to Nini. This is a daunting prospect as our weekly sessions were so important to me. When things happened in my life, I would often think 'I have to talk to Nini about that'. I will really miss our talks and the perspectives she shared that helped me understand why I felt the way I did . I have learned such a lot over our sessions and I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for the gift she gave me of seeing my struggles in a new way. I was no longer trapped in my old habits of the past and became so much more contented with life. I thought about the cost of therapy and realised that it was not expensive when you are investing in yourself. Holidays don't last long, but what I have learnt in therapy will last all my life. I look forward to going back one day.

L.N December 2019

It is always quite nerve wracking and unknown when booking a therapist to share a part of your life with and it is always quite scary admitting you need help, but booking sessions with Nini was the best decision I made. She really helped me overcome a hard part of my life with just the ease of talking. I loved her relaxed style, and never felt judged or made to feel silly. The environment is perfect and relaxing and I was always made to feel welcome and at ease. Over 5 sessions I made such progress as Nini helped me to see through the fog and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling or needs to talk.

K. Nov 2019

I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything over these last few months. I was so reluctant and terrified to go and start seeing someone, but you made everything extremely comfortable and easy. After our sessions, I feel as though my day is transformed and made so much better. All thanks to your help, I now feel stronger than, and more in control of, my anxiety – Knowing that it no longer affects me on a daily basis and I understand what is happening and why. I’ll miss you a lot. Thank you so much.

R.D June 2019

I always thought that therapy was not for me, but following some family problems that uncovered some longstanding issues I decided to go. For the first time somebody could see that my problems were a result of trauma in my childhood, and for the first time I was given hope that things could feel different. Working with Nini transformed the way that I view myself and my outlook. I have discovered things about myself that I would have never have known. I am forever grateful.

P.A. May 2019

I have been stable for over 1 year now and I share this with you because, without you, I would not be where I am today. You were a lifeline when I needed it most. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and your expertise Nini, Although 'Thank You' does not cut it.

V.E May 2019

I always thought that therapy was not for me, but following some family problems that uncovered some longstanding issues I decided to go. For the first time somebody could see that my problems were a result of trauma in my childhood, and for the first time I was given hope that things could feel different. Working with Nini transformed the way that I view myself and my outlook. I have discovered things about myself that I would have never have known. I am forever grateful.

P.A. May 2019

Although I was initially resistant, I am so glad that I had a course of therapy with Nini. She made connections between my current problems and past issues, something I just couldn’t have seen on my own. I had no idea these were being played out, in my own mind and in my relationships. Knowing, and feeling what I had learned wasn't easy, but it gave me the chance to address my unresolved problems and make changes. These improved the way I felt internally, stopping the critical voices, and how to be better with significant others. I no longer ‘act out’ my negative emotions and I am not so hard on myself. I took Nini’s advice to ‘be kind’ to myself and my family, and to accept that I don’t have to be perfect, just ‘good enough’.

C.N. April 2019

I just want to thank you again for all the support and understanding you have provided this past year. I really don’t know how I would have managed and I’ll be forever grateful for your guidance.

T.C. September 2018

You cannot imagine how often since our sessions I find myself just pausing, noticing and enjoying the calm and peace I am now feeling. When I first came to you I had no idea what I was hoping for but I was tying myself up in knots of anger, frustration, guilt & claustrophobia and needed a new way of tackling those knots. I could not have asked for someone to better understand the way I worked and how to help me get the most from an unfamiliar process whilst tackling this. I continue to feel lighter, calmer and more in control of my world since our sessions than I had done for quite some time and I cannot thank you enough for that. You are absolutely brilliant at what you do and I am so thankful for all your help.

A.P August - 2018

I have never felt so in tune with a therapist before I met Nini - and I have seen a few over the course of my life. She knows me so well and I don't feel I have to hide anything from her. I want her to know all parts of me, even those things I was fearful to share. I feel less lonely if she sees me in my entirety and there is nothing I wouldn't tell her. She has helped me to face some really difficult truths that I had hidden away for years. I am free of shame. And at last free of anger. I can live with what has happened to me and even use it to help others. And Nini is real, not hard edged and brittle. We can laugh or cry. I am leaving town but wish I could take her with me.....

Caroline - May 2018

"After an age of procrastination, I finally accepted that I wasn’t coping and needed to find a way out of the misery and confusion I had been living in for far too long. I dreaded going to a therapist but pushed through this and took the plunge. I am so thankful that I did. In the first session, my story came flooding out and it was such a relief to tell it. I wanted to set goals and meet targets but ended up accepting the flow of the work and realised that there was no control, you just had to let changes happen at their own pace. Over the coming weeks, I learnt to face my feelings and not run from them. I understood where they came from and why I had stuck to habits that were so destructive. I am now more content, less fearful, a better person, good enough to be loved again. I have a new story now. I’m not telling myself an old one that was out of time. It is not always easy in therapy, but it was all worth it. I give the credit to Nini for my rescue. She pulled me out of the cold waters and gave me safety."

Steve - March 2018

"I am so grateful to Nini for her care, kindness and thoughtful attention during several months of therapy sessions. I began meeting with Nini as I was struggling with anxiety and IBS, and finding it hard to put behind me some difficult experiences in my past. Nini’s insightful comments helped to guide me to a better understanding of myself, and how thoughts and behaviour that had helped me in the past were less useful in the present. I genuinely feel that I have now been able to set down some things that I carried with me for a long time, and learning to look at things differently has been a real relief, and has enabled me to begin making much-needed changes. I would absolutely recommend Nini to anyone seeking therapy."

G - December 2017

" I didn't want to think about what my problem was, but I knew something was wrong in my life. I had a constant feeling of grey guilt and shame. Together, Nini and I found a way to explore these feelings that I felt comfortable with. I needed her help because I was afraid to face up to the real reason I was guilty, unhappy and had no joy in my life, which I had been avoiding. It wasn't easy to accept the truth, but I did so with her support and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. If you don't know why you are unhappy or are afraid to find out, I would encourage you to see Nini. It changed everything for me. And she is kind and clever and caring, unlike other professionals I have seen."

T.H - 2017

"I saw Nini weekly for almost a year and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I had so many issues when I first met her and was so overwhelmed that I didn't know where to begin. She explained what therapy had to offer but I was not sure that I would ever be able to come to terms with the feelings I was dealing with - mainly grief but there were other complications. Over time, we somehow found words for what I was feeling and talked about where they came from. Once I understood what had happened, and had the courage to face up to it, I felt a weight had lifted and I no longer felt overwhelmed. I was able to make decisions that have improved my life immensely and I wish I had sought her help earlier rather than wasted years in misery. I am so grateful for her care and faith in me."

PSG - October 2017

"Nini took a walk with me into some of the darkest parts of my past. She lit these places up with her knowledge and understanding so that I now have a better relationship with myself and those people I love the most. This testimonial is meagre thanks."

P.H - March 2017

"I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Nini as a therapist for the treatment of any psychological problems. I felt cared for and learnt so much. She helped me to find a way through when I had lost all hopes for the future. I completely changed my outlook and saw again the beauty of the world and the kindness of others. Thank you for showing me these treasures."

J.K - 15th Feb 2017

"I saw Nini at first for help to move on from a bereavement. She was very kind and compassionate and I was able to move forward through my grief. At times, therapy was not easy and my loss brought up other issues that had been hidden and unresolved for years without my awareness. I felt after treatment that an enormous weight had been lifted and I could recast my life, going forward, with something I had lost - hope and a 'lightness of being'. Nini is very intelligent and observant, although she may appear as casual and friendly, there is a lot going on under this exterior. She shared her gathered observations and thoughts about me at just the right time - when we had a solid relationship. I was ready to hear what I had been running from. And she helped me all the way through coming to terms with those painful truths."

M. W-B. - 28th Oct 2016

"Nini was a great help when I was at a particularly low ebb. I had suffered depression previously, and it was reoccuring. I was also struggling with various pressures at home and work. Nini was an excellent listener, and provided a direction for me, that I could follow relatively easily. I am really very grateful to her. She is a very thoughtful and caring counsellor."

S.H. - 25th Oct 2016

"If you are looking for a really competent and caring therapist, look no further. Nini is so insightful, she completely changed my view of a deep seated problem. Although sometimes therapy can be hard - facing up to difficult truths - it has completely changed my outlook and for the first time in years, I have found peace. I am so grateful to her."

Anna - 29th Apr 2016

"I saw Nini to help me get through a really difficult time after a bereavement. She understood what I was going through instinctively and made me feel less alone. Through this acceptance, I was able to find light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know how I would have coped without her support and guidance. I highly recommend Nini to anyone who is seeking a skilled and sensitive therapist."

M.S - February 2016 - 2nd Feb 2016

"Nini helped me through a really difficult time. She is kind and insightful, and helped me get a much better perspective on the problems I was facing. Seeing Nini was never intimidating or a chore, and made a real difference. I would recommend her to others in heartbeat."

Mathew - 29th Nov 2015

"From the moment I first contacted her, I felt at complete ease. There is a human and a deep caring to her professionalism that really set her apart from any other therapist I encountered before. I realised that in order to overcome any difficulty, we must sincere ourselves nude of any pretenses, but for someone scared that can be the most challenging thing to do, with Nini it was never an issue. Imagine talking to the person you trust the most in the world, then imagine that person has the knowledge and experience to allow map and solve the puzzle. If you are reading this, you are already on the right track and Nini would help you along the way, for a therapist look no further."

Vanessa - 24th Nov 2015

"I had apprehensions about accessing personal therapy again, due to a negative experience. Although following an initial telephone consultation with Nini, I was left feeling at ease and comfortable to pursue counselling. Personal counselling can be challenging, especially when uncovering painful memories. Nini has a gentle, warm and understanding nature; which made it easier for me to express/acknowledge my vulnerability in a safe environment. Attending therapy with Nini has provided me with the opportunity to view life in a different perspective and remain optimistic about the future. If anyone is looking for a kind, genuine and professional therapist; I would recommend to contact Nini. "

Natalie - 20th Jul 2015

"I contacted Nini after a recommendation from a friend and, although I was initially apprehensive about therapy, there was an immediate connection through which it was clear that progress could be made. Over the last 3 years Nini has provided me with invaluable support through insightful and compassionate analysis; I'm deeply grateful to her for helping me to deal with some long standing issues and the pressures of day-to-day life, enabling me to gain a new perspective and live a happier life. I would recommend Nini to anyone."

Tom - 1st Feb 2015

"Having never seen a counsellor before I was, frankly, a little sceptical about seeing one. Nini is an extremely skilled, very insightful and completely professional counsellor who helped me through a really rough patch and totally changed my perception of counselling in general. She offered me different perspectives on certain things that I just wouldn't have been able to see on my own. I'd absolutely recommend Nini (and have done) to anyone. "

Dominic - 18th Jan 2015

"I have been seeing Nini for over two years now. As soon as you meet Nini you know she will give you her full attention, with an intellect that matches her compassion and warmth. Keenly perceptive she quickly identified the source of my pain and enabled me to deal with my relationship issues properly for the first time. On an ongoing basis she has helped me to re-evaluate my priorities in life and I am now much happier and a far better person than I used to be. Thank you!"

John - 5th Jan 2015

"I have been seeing Nini for the last few years. Having worked some other counselors in the past, I realised that she was the right person to help me to come to terms with the breakdown of my marriage. She is a very skilled, kind and sensitive counselor and has helped me to deal with many more issues too. I feel comfortable talking to her about things that are hard to admit to those close to me. Although it can feel like we're just having a chat, she makes astute and thoughtful observations to challenge unhelpful thoughts. I would especially recommend her to anyone who is anxious about seeing a councilor, since she is so natural and easy to talk to. She has helped me to feel in control of my life again and I am deeply grateful to her."

Kath - 2nd Jan 2015

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